Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Fixit Clinic 258 Harvard University

A rare Tuesday afternoon Fixit Clinic at the Cabot Science Library in Harvard's Science Center.
Among the highlights:

We saw a ton of zipper issues on winter coats - all fixed!

Headphones, toothbrushes, and lamps -- all fixed!

This Thomas the Train humidifier was worked on by young and old but ultimately deemed a lost cause.

More photos from Fixit Clinic 258 Harvard University can be seen at

There's interest from many colleges and universities in incorporating Fixit Clinics into the design, engineering, environmental science and sustainability curriculums: we look forward to future collaborations with Harvard and others.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Fixit Clinic 253 Brighton MA

What better way to brighten a cloudy February Massachusetts day then to hold a Fixit Clinic. It was nice to have a great bunch of Fixit Coaches and participants at the Presentation School Foundation Community Center in Oak Square.

Joe Wooters brought his collection of strange tools:

Ray Pfau was extra helpful as always:

John repaired this expensive car's expensive remote:

Nothing a good nap won't fix:

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All in all, a wonderful day. Looking forward to the next one!

Update: Rob Gogan reports:

What a terrific event we had last Saturday at the Presentation School Foundation Community Center in Brighton! We had about 30 visitors who brought in lamps, a bicycle, several garments, fans, clocks, a toaster, headphones, a stereo, a turntable, a sewing machine, a laptop, an umbrella, an iPod, some jewelry and at least 25 blunt knives. We fixed about 50% of the items but provided useful suggestions for about 25% more.

The amazing Ray Pfau, founder of the Bolton Repair Café, came in to coach and helped many visitors. Ray is hosting a Repair Café in Bolton on Saturday, June 2. Next Boston event is the Fixit Clinic at the Jamaica Plain Library, April 7, 2018. Rumor has it that there may be a Fixit Clinic at the Honan-Allston Library later in April. Read more details here:

Monday, January 29, 2018

Fixit Clinic CCL (250) Jamaica Plain Library

Another Great Fixit Clinic! Fixit Coach and Fixit Clinic Organizer Extraordinare Jonathan Krones writes:

'Thanks to everyone who helped out at the JP Fixit Clinic yesterday. It was by far our most successful event yet with over 50 community members (not counting family members and other non-fixing visitors) learning how to repair all sorts of things, including two identical counter-top mixers, toasters, radios, record players, jewelry, clothing, computers, a hand-held ultrasound machine, juicers, printers, a doll's bed, chairs, a wall clock, cameras, hair dryers, an electronic keyboard, bubble makers, handbags, a pile of car key remotes, DVD players, a knife sharpener, a bike wheel, a slide viewer, a reel-to-reel player, and as always, more lamps than I ever thought possible."

More photos from Fixit Clinic CCL (250) at the Jamaica Plain Library can be seen at

The next Fixit Clinic for the Jamaica Plain Library is scheduled for Saturday, April 7. In the meantime, if you're fixin' for some fixing in Eastern Massachusetts: check out the upcoming Fixit Clinics in Brighton on Feb 10 and at Harvard on Feb 13.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Fixit Clinic CCXLIX (249) Fremont Library

Fremont Library Fixit Clinics are always super busy for us and this one was no exception. Among the items we saw:

This laptop had broken hinge attachment points. Absent replacement pieces: the only hope is to drill through the existing case and attach bolts or rivets.

He brought the replacement display but was uncomfortable unplugging the ribbon cable attaching the old display.

The fabric and textiles team was in full swing and repaired many items.

More photos from Fixit Clinic CCXLIX (249) Fremont Library can be seen at

The Fixit Coaches were busy all day: come join us in the fun, sign up here:

Saturday, January 13, 2018

2018-01-13 Fixit Clinic 247 Dimond Branch, Oakland Public Library

Wow, what a great Fixit Clinic today at the Dimond Branch, Oakland Public Library. Among the highlights:

More photos from today's Fixit Clinic 247 are viewable here:

Three fans, all fixed!

Her son sewed her backpack:

A melted space heater plug, she brought a replacement:

More photos from today's Fixit Clinic 247 are viewable at

A great way to spend a mid-winter's Saturday, looking forward to the next one!