Saturday, November 14, 2015

Fixit Clinic CXXVIII (128) Huntington Beach

Another whirlwind Fixit Clinic in Huntington Beach, with a great set of Fixit Coaches and participants. Among the highlights:
This very ornate Disney clock: given that Anaheim / Disneyland is nearby maybe it shouldn't have been a surprise but it was nice to see it.
This plug had extremely old and brittle wiring. A representative from the local Ace Hardware was on hand, we relied on his store for new zip cord for the rewiring job.
Basic antenna theory: a piece of wire a similar length to the broken antenna works just as well (we could've replaced the antenna too.)

More photos from Fixit Clinic CXXVIII in Huntington Beach at

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Fixit Clinic CXXV (125) Fremont Public Library

Fixit Clinic CXXV (125) at the Fremont Public Library was a big success: we saw lots of interesting stuff and helped a bunch of people. We fixed several CD/DVD players including this elderly couple's CD boombox:

More photos from this Fixit Clinic can be found on Google+ here: