Start a Clinic

Here are the steps to starting a Fixit Clinic

1- Recruit local Fixit Coaches: people who are 1) enthusiastic about helping others repair their stuff and 2) have some tools they're willing to share. For example: local fraternal service organizations with a tradition of community service like Church organizations, the Lions Club and Rotary Club. Recruit local sewers as Fixit Coaches so you can repair fabric / textile items as well. Spread the word that you want to start holding Fixit Clinics at local libraries, schools, community centers, senior centers, city government, chamber of commerce, hardware stores, computer / electronics stores, bicycle stores, churches, etc.

Here's a sample recruiting flyer, feel free to change the wording as you see fit (please share back with us): (And have us add your location to this local Fixit Coaches' recruiting form the flyer points to: )

Here's another example of a Fixit Coaches' Recruiting Flyer:

2- Secure a venue: some sort of community space where you can hold the Fixit Clinic. We're preferential to libraries but we've held Fixit Clinics at community centers, maker spaces, museums, etc. Have the room reserved for at least and hour before and an hour after the event is scheduled so you have time to set up and break down the Fixit Clinic. Try to get sponsorship from the venue to (at least) provide refreshments for the Fixit Coaches. See the Fixit Clinic Venue Selection document here:

3- Once you have 1) sufficient Fixit Coaches and 2) a venue: then think about a day and time. Schedule the Fixit Clinic for a block of time no longer than 3 or 4 hours; over time, we've settled in to weekend dates (that is, Saturday or Sunday) in a three-hour window between 11AM and 5PM, but you're welcome to experiment with other days and hours. BONUS: contact us at before finalizing the date: maybe we can send experienced Fixit Coaches or other resources.

4- Once you have 1) Fixit Coaches 2) a venue and 3) a date/time, contact us to add your event to the list of scheduled Fixit Clinics, and let us know if you want us add your event to the sign-in form and our social media outreach, etc.

5 - Local promotion: keep recruiting Fixit Coaches up to the actual date and beyond (think about positioning your first event as a combination Fixit Clinic and Fixit Coaches' recruiting social. See the wording on this flyer as an example:

Other helpful documents/resources:

- Recommended tool and supplies list (note that you don't need everything on this list to get started):

- Fixit Clinic logos and badge graphics are downloadable from here:

- You're welcome to use any photos from any of our previous events: contact us for access.

Watch this video on starting a Fixit Clinic in your community (11 minutes):

Questions? email