Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Photo Chronicle of Fixit Clinic LXXXI (#81) at EcoCycle in Boulder, CO on Saturday, May 10 2014

Wanna be a Fixit Clinic Coach?

We're recruiting Fixit Clinic Coaches: come join the fun! As a Fixit Coach, all you really have to do is give participants permission that it's OK to open up their thing that's already broken. We encourage you to learn from other coaches and share what you know with both other coaches and clinic participants. We've got upcoming events in:

- San Mateo County (CA)
- Eastern Alameda County (CA)
- Southern Alameda County (CA)
- San Francisco County (Richmond District)
- San Anselmo, CA
- Somerville, MA
- Cambridge, MA (MIT)
- Boulder, CO
- Andover, MN
- And, of course, the Oakland-Berkeley-Albany-El Cerrito SF East Bay corridor

If you want to be a Fixit Coach at an upcoming event in any of these areas email

And, of course if you aren't in any of the areas above and want to start a Fixit Clinic, email about that too!