Help Fix Stuff

Volunteer as a Fixit Coach at an upcoming, already scheduled Fixit Clinic here >>> (sign up form)

Look for a Fixit Clinic starting up near you to volunteer ahere >>> (interest form)

Coaches on Call: even if you can't make it to a specific Fixit Clinic: are you willing to be "on call" while the event's happening so provide Fixit Coaching via phone, skype, or Google+ hangout? If yes: put that in the notes area of the sign up form above.



What do I need to know? Not much: my standard answer is "Any two people can run a Fixit Clinic as long as one of them knows how to solder." That's a little pat. but since Fixit Clinic is billed as "guided disassembly" all you really have do to is give people permission to open up their stuff that's already broken -- what to they have to lose?

If you're coaching for the first time at an established Fixit Clinic location, just watch that the other coaches do. We encourage lots of cross training because no one knows everything. Over time, the diversity of your skills will grow.

We'd like to offer textile and fabric repair at all Fixit Clinics: seamstresses/seamsters/sewers are especially encouraged to be Fixit Coaches.

We encourage all coaches to cross-train: to move between items being disassembled so that they can teach what they know while learning about lots of different items.

If you're nervous about helping people disassemble and troubleshoot their stuff, there are always roles such as:

- Checking people in (see the sign in for here --> sign in form)
- Doing internet research on items and issues with that item other people might have had
- Exit process (see the exit form here --> exit form)

Do I need to bring tools? A small toolkit with some basic tools is always helpful. If you're coaching for the first time at an established Fixit Clinic location, chances are the other Fixit Coaches bring tools to share or the venue itself will have shared tools you can use. If you have unique or unusual tools you're willing to bring those are always appreciated.

Sewing people should bring any sewing notions they have and, ideally, a sewing machine (or two!)

Fixit Coaches will often end up with each others' tools, we just return them then or at the next event. I have a collection of shared tools that I put out on a central table for the participants to use. We've had 140+ Fixit Clinics and I have yet to lose a tool as far as I can tell. Nevertheless: if you have tools that you're really concerned about losing don't bring them.

Educate. Fixit Clinic is about teaching people how to fish, not handing them a fix. Try to be as hands off as possible, offering encouragement and advice. You don't want to deny the participant the gratification of having fixed their item (almost entirely) by themselves.

Other questions about coaching? Email