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Where There is No Fixit Clinic: Record your Item Anyway

Got something broken? Even if you can't attend a community repair event like a Fixit Clinic or Repair Café or Restart Project we'd like to hear about your experiences with your broken items.

Use the Broken Item Report form to log your experience with anything. If the status of the item changes: fill out the form again with updates (fill out the form as many times as you need: we'll figure it out on our end.)

We're particularly interested in electronic items and household appliances, but feel free to use the form to report on any broken item.

Here's the Broken Item Report form

The Item Report form asks:
- (Is this an initial report or a follow-up report? (helps us keep track of multiple reports on a single item)
- What's the item? (rough classification, like "toaster" or "blu-ray player")
- Make (the Manufacturer)
- Model (look on the back or underside)
- When was it manufactured? (usually the year it was purchased but we phrase it this way in case it was purchased used.)
-What's wrong with it? (or) What was wrong with it? - depending on whether this is an initial report or a follow-up report, the question's different. As you troubleshoot or think of new things to try feel free to share at will.
-At this point: what's the disposition of this item?
-What's your next step with this item?
-What’s the level of parts/components/manufacturer support available for the repair? (detailed answers encouraged.)
-What hint(s) and advice would you give to someone trying to fix a similar item? (detailed answers encouraged.)
-Anything else you'd like to share: about this Item or otherwise?
-What state do you live in? (use two letter abbreviation) or City, Country if outside the US
-Can we contact you? If yes: put your email below

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