Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Another Fixit Success Story

My wife just got this from a friend of her's:

Please pass on a big “THANKS!” to Steve for inspiring me to fix my microwave.   
I may have mentioned this to you, but I broke the latch on the microwave oven door.  Of course, first thought for me is to call someone to fix it.  Repair guy came out on a Saturday and said he’d have to check and see if I’d need a whole new door or just the latch piece. He said he’d call back on Monday. 
In the mean time, I looked up the part info online and found the latch for about $15.  The repair guy didn’t call back on Monday, so I ordered the part.  He finally did call back on Tuesday and told me that the latch part was back-ordered and wouldn’t be in until October!! But, if I wanted to get a whole new door, he could have one by the first part of August.  I told him no thanks, and the part that I ordered on Monday arrived on Friday.
I successfully took apart the door and replaced the latch.  I don’t think I would have thought about doing it myself if I hadn’t been inspired by Steve.
Also, my husband came home from a business trip on Sunday, and we wanted to BBQ for dinner. We had to replace propane tank on our BBQ because it had run out of gas. He couldn’t get it to work (he has replaced the tanks many times in the past), but he didn’t want to mess with it so we cooked on the stove.  Next day I fixed that also!
I’m becoming Mrs. Fixit!

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