Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fixit Clinic LXXXVII (#87) Cambridge, MA 2014-09-27

Photos from our our fourth Cambridge, MA repair event and our 87th Fixit Clinic overall are on our Google+ page here:

As always, it was a hectic but satisfying day of fixing!

We also tried an experiment of creating a Google+ Hangout on Air so that remote Fixit Coaches (and Fixit Voyeurs) could telepresence into the event, but the results for that were less satisfying:

1) Without a dedicated person manning the camera/laptop the event was otherwise so busy that remote participants are essentially parked in the corner. My hope was that we could actively engage them in the event.

2) The audio quality is poor, partially because the room is so echo-y.

3) At this point, remote participants only get an overview of the event, it'd be great to be able to actively engage them in ongoing repair, keep a running commentary of what transpires.

4) Power to my laptop failed during the hangout, resulting in two separate videos (I couldn't figure out how to connect to the existing stream.)

If you want to look at the videos, they're on our Fixit Clinic youtube page here:

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