Saturday, April 18, 2015

Fixit Clinic CVI (#106) Livermore Public Library

Another grand day of fixing with a bunch of newly-minted Fixit Coaches, mostly from Lawrence Livermore Laboratory.  We saw a higher number of laptops than we normally see and got most of them back into working order. More photos from the Fixit Clinic are on Google+ here:

It's our sincere hope that this great core of new Fixit Coaches in Livermore start a new and sustainable Fixit Clinic satellite there.

Addendum: One of the new Fixit Coaches wrote in later that day:

"Thanks! I had a blast.

"It didn't stop at the clinic. On the way home Ryan and I stopped and helped two guys whose car was at the side of the road. It had been shuddering and emitting smoke. Eventually we determined the reason for their trouble was they'd been driving with the parking brake on! Wish I'd had a bell to ring....


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