Thursday, December 7, 2017

Fixit Clinic CCXLV (245) San Francisco-Noisebridge

Held in conjunction with Noisebridge's Circuit Hacking Mondays, this was a rare weekday evening Fixit Clinic. There were a surprising number of young people present. 

Among the treats at Noisebridge is a stereo microscope hooked up to a large display so everyone could watch the fine soldering work in action:

Fixit Coach Scotty Allen worked diligently with these young people and the stereo microscope to figure out a bad Bose iPod dock. (Scotty's famous for his iPhone hacks: see

This air compressor gave us all sorts of problems and we blew out a voltage regulator trying to fix it.

This mixer had decades-old batter hardened in the slots for the beater blades -- fixed!

These ravenous, enterprising, and opportunistic diners used a heat gun to defrost their burritos.

More photos from Fixit Clinic CCXLV (245) can be seen here:

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